Follow the steps below to create your account. (use your personal email to create your account)

After your account is created. You must join the following Teams. Part of the team joining process requires you to solve a mate in one puzzle.

Scholars, when creating your username, attach your real name to it. For example. John Doe’s username would be SauceBoyJohn not just SauceBoy.

  1. Create an account or Login to your existing account.

  2. After Registering Join our class team and the Franklin All Campus team using the links below.

Click Here to Join Mr. Nebiu's Chess Team

Click Here to Join the Franklin All Campus Chess Team

3. Change your notation settings to letter.

4. Play a 10 minute game using quick pairing. The quick pairing page should be the 1st screen shown. Click play if not.

Hover over the opponent's name to reveal country info.

5. Submit your Country report using the Google Class form.