About Me

    This begins my 20th year teaching as a full-time instructor. This is my 8th year at Franklin Academy. I'm originally from Memphis, Tn. I'm a former member of the Grambling State University Marching Tigers. I enjoy music, motorcycling, chess, and spending time with my sons. I'm also a Freemason, part-time voice-over artist, DJ, music producer, and Realtor.

Why Chess?

Chess, one of the oldest and most intriguing of games, is a pedagogical tool for students of all ages and abilities. Through chess, students learn thinking skills which are applicable to other disciplines.

Children from all backgrounds can succeed at chess. Even children who are not performing well in school are inspired by chess and show a better attitude towards learning.

Chess Strategy

Chess strategy is concerned with the evaluation of chess positions and with setting up goals and long-term plans for future play. During the evaluation, players must take into account numerous factors such as the value of the pieces on the board, control of the center and centralization, the pawn structure, king safety, and the control of key squares or groups of squares (for example, diagonals, open files, and dark or light squares).

"By playing at chess then, we may learn: First: Foresight. Second: Circumspection. Third: Caution. And lastly, we learn by chess the habit of not being discouraged by present bad appearances in the state of our affairs, the habit of hoping for a favorable chance, and that of persevering in the secrets of resources."

Benjamin Franklin

                I'm really looking forward to a fun "Chessessful" year!